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Company Profile

RR Kalyankar Constructions Pvt Ltd is well known for it’s outstanding contribution in the field of Construction and Property business. The foundation of RR Kalyankar Constructions Pvt Ltd was established by Mr. Ramesh R Kalyankar. Today the roots of our company is spread all over Mumbai and its Suburbs. A majority of our projects are built in and around Navi Mumbai.

In the demanding world of quality every single component must be officially approved and certified. We have been applying the same principal in construction of our premises. We have gained tremendous success in the fields like construction of Residential Apartments, Commercial Premises, Arcades and we are also into other fields like Retail Property Business etc. Our In house construction team consists of high caliber and professional Civil Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers and Chartered Accountants who are truly taking active anticipations in the affairs of our construction work. We are positively looking forward for the expansion, both in current field as well as new projects. We follow the best practices in the construction and property business.

Brain Child
Mr. Ramesh R Kalyankar, Managing Director of the company, who trains and directs the team. He is in the field of construction and property business more than a decade now. His substantial experience helps to execute projects of varied complexity.

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